Release: 2022
Genre: Documentary 
Heartfelt | Emotional | Intimate   

Indomitable follows filmmaker Alexander Freeman, who has cerebral palsy and raises his daughter Maya with his partner and caregiver Orina. At the same time, they hope to have the celebration of love that they planned for but face the biggest challenge of their relationship, finding and keeping an additional caregiver for Alexander as Orina works a second job. 

Interested in watching more and finding out more about the story and characters? Help support the project and be a part of bringing this series about friendship and personal growth to the screen.


The series is called Nick and Caleb about a young man with cerebral palsy and a struggling alcoholic actor who becomes his caregiver. Together Nick and Caleb experience the joys and challenges of life while caring for each other.


Each episode is between 30 and 45 minutes and there will be 8 episodes in each season. We are trying to raise $170,000 or more to get more episodes written past the pilot script and then move forward with production and post-production.


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Venmo Name: @Alexander-Freeman


OUTCAST PRODUCTIONS is an independent production company founded and owned by filmmaker Alexander Freeman producing social impact movies, social impact human-interest documentaries, social impact series.

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