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OUTCAST PRODUCTIONS is an independent production company founded and owned by filmmaker Alexander Freeman producing documentaries, feature films, web series, and TV series that give a voice to the voiceless. 

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Alexander Freeman

Founder, Owner, CEO

Alexander Freeman is an American documentary and narrative filmmaker with cerebral palsy dedicated to producing documentaries, feature films, and series that bring visibility to those otherwise ignored by society. He graduated from Emerson College, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production with a concentration in Directing. The Last Taboo was Freeman’s first major documentary in 2013, though he’s already garnered accolades from one of his later documentaries. Some of his awards include Best Documentary Feature at the Long Beach Indie International Film, Media and Music Festival and Best Director (Documentary Feature) at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards for his 2017 documentary, The Wounds We Cannot See, which is distributed by Indie Rights Movies. The Wounds We Cannot See is available now on Prime Video and other streaming platforms and is available for purchase on Alexander Street for educational purposes. Other highlights of his career include directing Oscar-winner Chris Cooper and working with Kevin S. Bright, executive producer of Friends. 

Alexander Freeman
Amherst, MA
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